How to wash windows in the sunroom

You can wash the sunroom windows from the outside regardless of the floor without the help of industrial climbers. Of course, it will take more time than specialists, but you can save money, because such services are expensive.

To clean up the windows, you need to get the following set of tools and tools according to this webspage from LGL Sunrooms in Nebraska

  • a double-sided mop scraper for glasses with a telescopic handle;
  • a bucket for soap solution and water, preferably of an elongated shape, so that the surface of the mop scraper is completely submerged;
  • a special REHAU window care kit or other detergent without aggressive components and abrasive particles;
  • a roll of paper napkins;
  • microfiber;
  • alcoholic composition for shining glass.


Immediately wash the windows from the inside, then you will better see the external contamination of the glass.

Start washing the outer part of the windows with the frames. Plastic is washed easily, but there are pollution which removal will demand the force application.

  1. Spread in a bucket of warm water a special product or liquid for washing dishes (a few drops are enough).
  2. Soak the sponge on a special mop scraper solution, press a little so that the water does not drip, and wipe the frame of the window outside. Move upwards from bottom to top, stopping at particularly dirty places.
  3. After washing all external frames, change the soap solution in a bucket with simple warm water and wash the soap off the window with the same sponge.
  4. Wash the remaining water on the frames with the reverse side of the device – a rubber scraper.

After cleaning the frames, you can do the glasses. The principle is the same: immediately wash the surface with soap solution, after – with water, swipe the water with a rubber scraper.

Cleaning sunroom windows

A paper napkin or a microfiber will help to bring the surface to shine. Fix a tissue or microfiber on the scraper with pegs or other convenient way and polish the surface. For a better effect, you can use alcohol-containing window cleaner: spray the composition on the window beforehand and then polish.

Additional tips for window cleaning in the sunroom

  • Use a mop for windows with a telescopic handle, it will help to safely reach any point of the sunroom glazing without ladders and stools.
  • Try to ensure that less water gets on the seal and it does not accumulate there.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or compounds with aggressive components to avoid damaging the plastic.
  • To keep glasses clean, after washing and polishing, wipe with a solution of glycerine and alcohol (1:1). This will additionally preserve the surface from misting and icing.

Clean sunroom – сozy house.

Marylin Lambert